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Dentists Christchurch Smilesville Dental Riccarton
Zoom™ Whitening Dentist Christchurch
Dental makeovers Christchurch
Dentists Christchurch Riccarton Smilesville Dental

Orthodontic Invisalign Treatments Christchurch

Orthodontic Invisalign Treatments Christchurch. For complete dental makeovers, cosmetic orthodontics – Invisalign teeth straightening plus much more…

Invisalign Treatments Christchurch Smilesville Dental Riccarton know it really is time to get you smiling again …
you can relax because “your smile is our reward”.

We are an internationally renowned dental practice with experience in all types of dentistry. Our skilled therapists are adept in the application of procedures and products unique to Smilesville … techniques such as Invisalign braces and Zoom™ whitening. Patients seek us out because they know our approach and technology is state-of-the-art and our reputation in appearance dentistry is outstanding. You too can have beautiful teeth and an amazing smile – anything is possible at Smilesville Dental dentists Christchurch. If your teeth are discoloured or decayed, your gums diseased or your bite a little on the ‘over’ side, we will brighten, whiten, correct and straighten … precisely, painlessly and above all, effectively. Providing the services to get you there is just as rewarding for us as it is for you and with our expertise in general, cosmetic, implant and orthodontic dentistry, we are sure we can help. We let you make a great first impression no matter who you are meeting, guaranteed. Our philosophy as leaders in appearance dentistry is to supply fine dentistry at affordable prices:

  • Complete dental makeovers, smile evaluation and design
  • Comprehensive treatment planning
  • Veneers, crowns, bridges, implants and cosmetic fillings
  • Treatment of dark gumline, discoloured, chipped, ageing, worn, spaced, crooked or overlapping teeth
  • Latest Zoom™ Whitening – guaranteed results
  • Cosmetic Orthodontics – Invisalign teeth straightening
  • Implants to replace missing teeth.

We specialise in the de Spa pamper yourself therapies:

  • As seen on TV’s Extreme Makeover the latest Zoom™ whitening treatment
  • Stain removal
  • Tooth jewellery
  • Relaxation therapy
  • Invisalign Treatment Christchurch

Cosmetic Dentistry Christchurch, Orthodontics, Invisalign, Implants and General Dentistry Christchurch.

  • Painless treatment in a stress-free environment
  • Registered ACC treatment provider
  • Wisdom teeth extractions
  • WINZ quotes available
  • Complete dental hygiene services
  • Dentists Christchurch.

Dentists Christchurch, Smilesville Dental Riccarton road guarantee their work and promise:

  • Highest quality using the latest techniques
  • Digital X-Rays & Intraoral Camera
  • Interest-free finance options available (conditions apply)
  • Westfield Gift Vouchers accepted
  • New patients always welcome
  • Friendly team, exceptional service.

Dentists Christchurch Riccarton Road. Smilesville Dental Riccarton Road Christchurch.

Dentists Christchurch Riccarton Road. Your smile is our reward. Having a great smile takes a bit of effort and oral hygiene and good dental habits encouraged from an early age are key. To make it easy, we help you with strategies to look after your teeth – and your children’s – to maximise oral health and minimise problems.

But when it’s all gets a bit much and your smile is suffering for whatever reason – genetics, limited access to oral care, physical bone formation or simply an accident at work, then we have tailored solutions for you we guarantee you’ll love.

And who’d have thought you could watch a movie, listen to music or even float off to another lovely world while we sort out your teeth?

We think of ourselves as a pamper day spa and makeover for your teeth, gums and smile and offer:

  • Individual care consultations
  • Emergency (within 25 hours) treatment
  • Periodic x-rays to detect decay, bone loss or tumours
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Full-mouth dental and periodontal (gum) exams
  • Tips on thorough cleaning and flossing
  • Comprehensive treatment planning
  • Full mouth rehabilitation
  • Wisdom teeth/surgical extractions
  • Twilight dentistry (sedation) for painless treatment
  • Dentures
  • Late-night appointments
  • Free treatment for under 18’s
  • Digital x-rays emitting 90% less radiation than traditional
  • Changing black mercury fillings
  • Dentists Christchurch Riccarton Road.
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Veneers, crowns, bridges, implants and cosmetic fillings Smileville Dental Christchurch
Dentists Christchurch Riccarton Smilesville Dental
Dentists Christchurch
Dentists Riccarton Christchurch Smilesville Dental
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Dentists Christchurch Smilesville Dental Riccarton Christchurch
Christchurch orthodontics and Invisalign services.
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Dentists Christchurch Riccarton Smilesville Dental

Cosmetic Dentists Christchurch. Smilesville Dental Riccarton

Cosmetic Dentists Christchurch. Smilesville Dental Christchurch for Veneers, Crowns, Bonding, Bridges, Cosmetic Fillings, Tooth Whitening.

We love a lovely smile!

Beautiful teeth are incredibly important to positive self-esteem – and having the confidence to show your teeth when you smile is a liberating pleasure our team love to give.

Dentists Christchurch, Smilesville Dental have an extensive background in advanced Cosmetic Dentistry and are able to create the most natural, durable, and aesthetically pleasing results.

Problem teeth can often be corrected with just one procedure or in some cases may require a combination of different techniques. Whatever our recommendation, you leave with a smile you will wear with pride.

We create solutions for all problem teeth:

  • Discoloured
  • Chipped
  • Misaligned
  • Overlapped
  • Worn
  • Spaced
  • Multicoloured
  • Black gumline look.


Creating a new smile does not have to take years of orthodontic treatment. With the simple application of porcelain veneers, you can make an instant change to teeth that are discoloured, worn, chipped or misaligned. Porcelain veneers are delicate shells of porcelain that are bonded onto the front side of the teeth. There are two key advantages to veneers:

  • The nature of the porcelain closely mimics dental enamel giving it a translucency and lustre that is incredibly natural
  • Because the material is ceramic the surface of the veneer is extremely stain-resistant.


A dental crown or cap is a covering that is placed over the entire tooth restoring its strength, shape and size, or to improve its appearance. If you have a tooth that has been weakened by extensive decay, is badly worn down, needs help to support a large filling, your dentist may suggest getting the tooth crowned. Crowns are permanent and can be made from a range of:

  • All metal; porcelain-fused-to-metal; all resin; or all ceramic
  • Deciding on which type is appropriate will depend on the strength requirements and aesthetic concerns of the tooth involved.


If your teeth are cracked, chipped or discoloured, dental bonding is a cost-effective and relatively painless means of creating a straighter, brighter smile. Bonding is a composite resin that is applied in a thin coating to the surface of the teeth. This plastic film is then sculpted and coloured to create the right look. The plastic is hardened using a high-intensity light and then the surface finely polished. The dental composite resin can be used to:

  • Restore chipped or broken teeth
  • Restore decayed teeth
  • Fill in gaps and reshape or recolour your smile replicating a natural look to your teeth.


A dental bridge is a false/dummy tooth that is fused between two porcelain crowns and which fills in the area left by a missing tooth. Bridges are used to fill a gap of up to four teeth provided there are healthy natural teeth on each side of the gap. The procedure is very similar to having a crown placed on a tooth and will require at least two appointments to complete.

Depending on the requirements of the tooth, you may be given:

  • A fixed bridge which is attached to the teeth on both sides of the false tooth
  • A cantilever bridge, in which the false tooth is attached to a tooth on only one side.

Cosmetic Fillings

Imagine if there was a way to avoid announcing to the world that you had cavities every time you open your mouth! Old silver amalgam fillings are unsightly and can make the surrounding tooth appear grey and ugly. New technology now makes these silver fillings unnecessary.

  • Tooth coloured fillings are more natural and bonded to the tooth making them appear almost invisible
  • White fillings are made of a composite resin and are matched to the colour of your teeth.

Tooth Whitening:

Too much coffee, smoking, overuse of antibiotics, natural pigmentation or even just age, all contribute to our teeth yellowing. One way to increase your confidence and to brighten your smile is to get your teeth whitened and Smilesville offer many systems to suit your budget.

The tooth whitening process eliminates discolouration and stains on the teeth and brightens up the natural pigmentation of the teeth. While there are over-the-counter teeth whitening methods, the most effective are those recommended by a dentist, such as Zoom™. This process uses bleaching gel and high-intensity light and can result in an average improvement of up to eight shades:

  • The bleaching gel is carefully applied to the teeth
  • This is then activated by the high-intensity light which helps the gel penetrate the dentin of the teeth, bleaching away the discolouration
  • Guaranteed results, best price
  • Dentists Christchurch. Smilesville Dental Riccarton.
Invasalign Orthodontics Christchurch
Dentists Christchurch Orthodontics and Invisalign Treatments
Veneers, crowns, bridges, implants and cosmetic fillings Smileville Dental Christchurch
Dentists Christchurch Riccarton Smilesville Dental

Invisalign Teeth Straightening Christchurch.

Invisalign  teeth straightening Christchurch. Call Smilesville Dental, who provide cutting edge orthodontic services that are the ultimate remedy for crooked teeth. An amazing smile can be yours with our revolutionary product, Invisalign – a virtually invisible, removable system which straightens your teeth in progressive sequence until perfection is achieved … and no one will suspect a thing!

Half a million smiles New Zealand-wide can’t be wrong – that’s how many people have used and loved Invisalign. It’s so discreet you can live your life while enjoying the benefits of teeth straightening without noticing it’s happening right under your own nose.

Invisalign teeth straightening Christchurch is especially great for adults who have always wanted straight teeth but felt too ‘old’ or self-conscious to cope with traditional metal wire and bracket braces.

How does it work?

Your Invisalign treatment Christchurch consists of a series of clear, removable aligners that you switch out. The system is convenient, comfortable, flexible and above all, effective.

Each aligner is individually manufactured with exact calculations to gradually shift your teeth into place. And since your Invisalign system is custom-made for your teeth and your teeth only, with a plan devised by you and your dentist, you know you’ll end up with a smile that truly fits.

You wear each set of aligners for about 2 weeks, removing them only to eat, drink, brush, and floss.

As you replace each aligner with the next in the series, your teeth will move – little by little, week by week – until they have straightened to the final virtual ClinCheck position that you and Dr Sachdev agreed upon before treatment began.

You’ll visit our office to ensure that your treatment is progressing as planned.

If you’re ready for a smile that transforms your appearance, Invisalign is your answer. Although there are many choices out there, no other works as effortlessly as the Invisalign system.

There are more than 3 million Invisalign patients worldwide and Dentists Christchurch, Smilesville Dental are a fully accredited Invisalign provider.

Call Dentists Christchurch, Smilesville Dental today.

Invisalign Orthodontic teeth straightening Christchurch.

Invisible braces – who’d have thought? (And who’d even know …)

Invisalign Dental Treatment Christchurch.  Smilesville Dental Christchurch.

So, what happens when you decide Invisalign dental treatment is for you? We’d love to show you!

Simply visit our Dentists Christchurch, Smilesville Dental for a consultation to discuss the goals you have for your smile. Once your doctor determines that Invisalign dental treatment is right for you, he or she will write up a detailed treatment plan, and a set of virtually invisible aligners will then be sent to your doctor.

Your Invisalign system may look like a simple piece of plastic, but it’s much more. With advanced technology, your Invisalign aligners are custom-made for you, and only you. Over time, your teeth should move to reveal the smile you’ve been wanting.

Take a look at the steps you and your doctor will take to get you to a brand-new smile.

Step One – Initial Consultation

  • Your initial consultation with your Dentists Christchurch is offered free of charge. During this visit, you’ll discuss the issues you have with your teeth and what kind of results you would like to see. Once your doctor decides your situation is suitable for Invisalign treatment, a treatment plan will be mapped out with your goals in mind.

Step Two – Clinical Assessment

  • If, after analysis by the doctor, you are found to be a suitable candidate then impressions of your teeth will be digitized in order for your doctor to work with a computerized 3-D image of your teeth. Then, your doctor will plan your tooth movements throughout your entire treatment timeline. You’ll be able to see a virtual representation of your teeth before, during, and after completion of the Invisalign process so you can see what your smile should look like when you’re done with treatment.

Step Three – Treatment Plan

  • From your doctor’s precise treatment plan, customized aligners are created with advanced technology for you to wear at each stage of your treatment. While the number of aligners varies for each individual situation, a full set of treatment typically includes 20-30 aligners per arch.

Step Four – Treatment

  • You should wear your aligners at all times, with the exception of eating and drinking, in order to complete your treatment in the timeline determined by you and your doctor. You’ll go in for occasional check-ups, to monitor your progress and to receive your next set of aligners. During the entire treatment process, you’ll be able to watch your teeth gradually moving into place. Your smile will, little by little, move into something you’d like to show off. The people around you will be sure to notice your new-found confidence.


Please contact us using the details below  – we look forward to hearing from you.

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